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About Us / FAQ's

and more importantly, some A's for those Q's!

How It Works

  1.  Members pay $5 per month and receive a digital ‘Thank You’ card along with 1 entry into each weekly giveaway (4 giveaways per month).
  2.  Each month we take membership fees plus all profit from the SLCStyle store and put it toward the giveaway fund.
  3.  We select winners each week and keep picking until the giveaway fund is exhausted.
$5 monthly membership
Even odds for everyone

Why It Works

  1.  Membership is less than some peoples’ daily caffeine fix.
  2.  The more members we have, the more student loans we can pay back.
     For example, if 100,000 people participate for just 6 months, we could pay back more than 72 people’s student loans in full*. If 1 million people join for 6 months that becomes 937 loans paid back in full.
  3.  Everyone has the same odds at winning. Each member receives 1 chance to win each week’s giveaway.

(*average student loan debt is $32,000)

So what are you waiting for, they aren’t going to pay themselves back! It’s less than Netflix and Spotify, and it could end up really helping you out. Have you checked out our winners?


  • Who is eligible to win?

    Only entrants who are U.S. citizens, 18 years of age or older, and have student loans are eligible to receive the giveaway prize. Our primary requirement is that the winner have a student loan in their name (being a cosigner is ok, too) and that the loan servicer be a recognized provider, FDIC insured bank, or other reputable lending source. If dear Aunt Patty gave you some money to put towards tuition, unfortunately, we will not be able to reimburse her. Take a look at our official rules for the full details.

  • When and how are winners chosen?

    Winners are selected six days after the end of each giveaway entry period and are notified via phone and/or email. Winners are chosen using a random number generator. Once the authenticity of the winner and their loan(s) are confirmed, our team members will issue payment for the corresponding amount. The prize is issued in the form of a check mailed directly to the winners’ loan servicer(s).

  • If I win, do I receive a check?

    You personally do not receive a check, but one will be mailed by our team directly to your student loan servicer.

  • What happens to the extra $1?

    $4 out of ever $5 membership goes toward funding the weekly giveaway. The extra buck goes toward giveaway administration, postage, website costs, and advertising so we can grow our membership and ultimately pay back as many loans as possible.

  • Is my donation tax deductible?

    Student Loan Club is a for-profit company and because you are receiving a chance to win a prize in exchange for your contribution, there are different interpretations regarding whether or not that donation can be deducted. Most states do not require a proof of receipt when claiming donations under $250, however, you can print the transaction email you received at the time of your purchase if you wish to write off your donation.

Additional questions? Just want to talk to a human before joining up? No problem. Drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we get the message.