Know what questions recruiters love to answer!

A s an HR professional for the last 30 years I have given thousands of interviews and would like to share some of the best and worst questions I have received from interviewees.

Why asking (the right) questions is important on an interview…

It’s important to ask several questions on an interview to impress upon the interviewer how interested you are in the company. Questions should include overall company questions, questions about the position and about the type of person who would be right for the job. You should always go into the company knowing the basics like company size, what they do and how large the company is.

Here is a list of some of the best questions to ask on an interview.

What is the company culture?

What are the key attributes you’re looking for in a candidate?

Who would I be reporting to?

Why is the position open?

What do you like about working at this company.?

Why the wrong questions can turn off an interviewer

Questions such as salary, hours, time off, and socializing will give the interviewer the impression you’re not a hard worker and just want a job. Any job. Also questions that have to do with common knowledge about the company, things that can easily be found on the internet is a turnoff because it shows the interviewer you didn’t do your homework and you don’t really want to work for the company.

Here is a list of some of the WORST questions to NEVER ask on an interview.

How much is the pay?

How much time off do I get?

What is the policy on coming in late?

What time does the work day start/end?

How quickly can I be promoted?