Category: Winner Spotlight

Winner Spotlight: Stephanie T.

Student Loan Club Winner StephanieT

“My husband and I have an astronomical amount of student loan debt. While we are so thankful that student loans have made it possible for us to pursue our dreams, they are the one obstacle that keep us from truly living to our fullest potential.” – Stephanie T

Winner Spotlight: Kristina P.

Student Loan Club Winner KrisitnaP

“Every decision somehow ties back to those dreaded monthly payments – from family vacations, to buying a new pair of shoes, to wanting to start a family.” – Kristina P

Winner Spotlight: Micah W.

Student Loan Club Winner MicahW

Micah discovered the Student Loan Club Giveaway while searching for student loan relief programs that help pay back or forgive his loans. Like so many of us graduating from high school, he told us he never thought much about how student loan debt would affect him but as he got older reality started to set in. Micah plans to continue to participate because he wants to give others the same opportunity. How awesome is he?!

Winner Spotlight: Larissa O.

Student Loan Club Winner LarissaO

Larissa has always been one for helping others, so it was no surprise to learn she works for a nonprofit making an impact in her community. Paying it forward is what it is all about, and we were thrilled to see Larissa’s good karma come around!

Winner Spotlight: Katherine C.

Student Loan Club Winner KatherineC

Katherine’s phone call had us laughing. After calling a few winners, we realized no one answers their phone anymore. We usually leave a voicemail asking for a call back, but Katherine answered and caught us completely off guard!

Winner Spotlight: Carmencita M.

Student Loan Club Winner CarmencitaM

Carmencita was our first winner who was a co-signer. She co-signed for all three of her children’s student loans. She was a proud mom but nervous about the debt that comes with college. She was a little skeptical when she first heard about Student Loan Club, but she figured she had nothing to lose. Her decision paid off!

Winner Spotlight: Walkiria B.

Student Loan Club Winner Walkiria

Walkiria happened to stumble upon our website while searching for student loan repayment options and decided to sign up…talk about a stroke of luck!

Winner Spotlight: Corey L.

Student Loan Club Winner Corey L

Corey’s win was near and dear because he is the son of a family friend. He was really excited to win. He said that he was grateful for his student loans, but said they still a burden that he would rather do without.

Winner Spotlight: Audrey C.

Student Loan Club Winner AudreyC

Our mission and purpose is what enticed Audrey to join the Student Loan Club, and it’s a good thing! She won big in the Student Loan Club Giveaway.

Winner Spotlight: Ryan S.

Student Loan Club Winner Ryan S

Ryan was one of the first contributors, and by complete luck of the draw, won big money for his student loans! He was our first winner so we were a bit anxious to make the call, but it was awesome to let him know he won $5,000 towards his loans. Turns out that was the equivalent of 50 months worth of payments!