Change is good, right? You’re damn right it’s good! That’s why we are mixing things up a bit at Student Loan Club and are thrilled to introduce our revamped platform. Yeah, winning money for your student loans is awesome, but helping others is pretty sweet, too.

So, once the ball got rolling over here at Student Loan Club, we realized that we are capable of doing so much more and making a much greater impact. So far we’ve paid down over $24,000 of entrants student debt, but there are millions of kids who don’t have the necessary school supplies needed to receive a proper education. Impoverished communities that are strapped for basic resources don’t have enough to provide pencils and books for every child in the classroom. How are these kids expected to succeed if they don’t have the tools to do so?

That’s where Student Loan Club comes in. Our new goal is to continue to help repay student debt while also supporting K-12 education-based charities. Think of it as giving with a chance of winning. The more you support, the more entries you receive to win the giveaways. We figured we already have our education, so let’s help others further theirs.

The new model allows you to earn more entries, while also helping underprivileged children get the education they deserve. If that’s not a win-win, then I don’t know what is!

Getting Student Loan Club off the ground has been an amazing journey and a truly awesome experience. Our accomplishments over the past few months would not be possible without your support and for that, we genuinely appreciate you.

Remember, we are still the same team with the same mission of helping our peers pay down student debt– just with a grander vision of furthering education for the kids who could use it the most.