You’ve applied to your ideal job, and now they want to speak with you. The interview is all set, so now it’s on you to show up and make a great impression.


 Do Your Homework

Before you go, do your research. A great first step is to do a comprehensive Google search on the company. What do they stand for? Who is their target clientele and how are they innovating their market? Coming into an interview knowing the company shows how invested you are in what they do, and you know what value you can bring to their team.

Confirm the Details

After your recruiter invites you to an interview, be sure to reach back out and thank them for the offer. If they ask you to an interview, it means they are interested in learning about you and how you’ll fit with the company.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you’ve never formally interviewed before or you’re a seasoned veteran, it doesn’t hurt to practice. Use a mirror, record yourself, or have a friend help you iron out what you want to say.

Bring Your Best Resume

It’s never a bad idea to have a fresh copy in everyone’s hands when you show up. During your interview, it can be a reference to support your claims, or it will give your recruiter something to take notes on. Make sure to double check your resume to make sure it’s flawless. 

Make A Memorable Entrance

Be prompt and courteous. Put on appropriate and clean clothes for the job you’re applying for, keep hair well-groomed, and wear your best smile. Show up at least 15 minutes early to make sure you’re not late.

Don’t be shy!

Asking questions will convey your curiosity in the company, and it will help both you and the person you’re interviewing with feel more comfortable.


Highlight Your Value

Be sure to remind the recruiter what value you’ll bring to the company. When employers look to recruit new team members, they are seeking to make an investment in you.

Ask Questions

Asking questions will convey your curiosity in the company, and it will help both you and the person you’re interviewing with feel more comfortable. They say knowledge is power, so don’t be shy. Ask away!

Make a Courteous Exit

More than likely, you’re meeting someone at their office or while they are on the clock. Be sure to thank them with a firm handshake after the interview and a big smile.



Send A Thank You Note

Be sure to craft a thoughtful thank you letter that expresses sincere gratitude. In the letter:

✓ Thank them for considering you

✓ Highlight something you learned from speaking with them

✓ Remind them of the value you can bring

✓ Tell them you’ll follow up soon and how you’ll do it

Actually Follow Up

It may be nerve-wracking to send a follow-up, but it means a lot to recruiters when you continue to express interest. To them, it means that your interview was more than some job you’ve applied to—it’s going to be your next career.

Stay Optimistic

Whether you hear back or not, don’t lose hope! Stay optimistic and show enthusiasm and you’ll get a response back sooner than you know it.

While the interview process might seem intimidating, stay persistent and stay true to yourself. Most importantly: Relax, you’ve got this!