Winner Spotlight

Our second winner turned out to be an LA locale. We thought it would be great if we could meet her because she was close by, so we made plans to grab coffee and surprise her with a big check. It was really cool to meet an actual winner and spend a little time together! We all shared one thing in common– student loans. We had a pretty sweet photo shoot, too!

Student Loan Club presents a big check to a winner

What has your experience with student loans been like?
A complete nightmare, specifically private student loans! As an adult, I realize we never received adequate information and education on managing our finances, including student loans. I signed up for a loan that did not provide me all the details I needed to make an informed decision. I learned the hard way that in order to manage finances, you have to seek out the information on your own. All the resources to make better financial decisions are at our disposal we just have to find the right ones. Student Loan Club is one of them.

What led you to check out Student Loan Club?
The mission and the purpose of Student Loan Club enticed me. I did a google search on paying off student loans and Student Loan Club was on the list. I saw the $5000 giveaway along with all the helpful tools and articles and thought, “What a great idea!” The sweepstakes was an added bonus to what Student Loan Club offers but I had no idea I’d win!

Why did you decide to enter the giveaway?
I randomly came across the Student Loan Club when trying to find some guidance and answers in paying off my private student loans. My options were slim so seeing this giveaway was heaven-sent!  I thought what do I have to lose to enter! $5 a month is an easy decision and anything to potentially help pay down my student loans is worth it!

``I thought what do I have to lose to enter! $5 a month is an easy decision and anything to potentially help pay down my student loans is worth it!``
-Audrey C.

How do you feel about winning the Student Loan Club Giveaway?
It feels great! I’ve never won anything before :). I’ve been in disbelief because the road to paying off student loans has been so rough. There is a sense of hope and relief knowing the Student Loan Club giveaway can help alleviate a good amount of stress! Ever since I heard the news, a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

How will this win impact your life?
It will help me so much! I feel very inspired to continue my dreams and excited for Student Loan Club to make that impact on others. Working and going to school for my masters makes doing what I’m doing worthwhile! There were many times during my nightmare of student loans where I wanted to just give up but I have to remember the reason behind having these student loans was for a better life and higher education for myself. As much of a nightmare as student loans are, the reality is it helped me get to my life goals. Thank you again Student Loan Club!

What does this win mean for you?
It means so much to me! If you knew what I’ve been through, you’d say it’s a miracle. I have gone through all possible avenues you can think of to pay off my student loans and no luck. This win turned my luck around.