Winner Spotlight

Kristina was awarded her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics from Washington and Jefferson College in May 2012 followed by her master’s degree in economics from George Mason University in December 2013. Since graduating, Kristina has worked as a research and survey analyst. She was a political pollster during the 2014 election cycle before shifting gears to a strategy consultant. In her free time, Kristina volunteers with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in the Washington, DC area and enjoys going on walks with her husband and their two dogs Memphis and Driggins, reading, hot yoga, and binge watching Netflix and HBO originals.

How do you feel about being a Student Loan Club Giveaway winner?
This is incredible – I still can’t believe it!

What is your experience with student loans?
Every decision somehow ties back to those dreaded monthly payments – from family vacations, to buying a new pair of shoes, to wanting to start a family.

What led you to check out Student Loan Club?
Student loan repayment plans are based off of your taxable income, regardless of where you live, even in areas where cost of living is high. Although my husband and I are fortunate enough to have well-paying jobs, my student loans are always on the back of our minds. I began researching ways to pay off student loans when I stumbled upon Student Loan Club and the rest is history.

``This win means a month without worrying and $1,000 closer to payoff.``
-Kristina P.

How will this win impact your life?
This win impacts my life by bringing me one step closer to payoff, but it also impacts the bigger picture of bringing us all one step closer to wiping out student loan debt nationwide.

What would you be doing if you didn’t have any student loans?
I don’t think my life would be drastically different – I have a loving husband, a job I enjoy, and family and friends I can count on.

What was your favorite year of grade school and why?
I don’t think I have a favorite year. I always enjoyed going to school and learning new things. If I had to choose, I would skip grade school and say 10th grade when I took my first advanced math class. I had an incredible teacher who inspired me to pursue a degree in mathematics.

If money wasn’t an issue, what’s one thing you would like to do?
I would love to take a leave of absence from work and explore the world – immerse myself in different cultures, try new things, learn a new language, meet new people.