Winner Spotlight

Student Loan Club is proud to have such a supportive alumni network; Larissa actually attended the same school as our founders. She thought they were calling to catch up but when they surprised her with the news she couldn’t believe it!

Larissa has always been one for helping others, so it was no surprise to learn she works for a nonprofit making an impact in her community. Paying it forward is what it is all about, and we were thrilled to see Larissa’s good karma come around!

How do you feel about being a Student Loan Club Giveaway winner?
I’m overjoyed to be a Student Loan Club Giveaway winner. This prize will allow me to pay off nearly half of one of my loans. I’ll be able to breathe a little easier around its due date each month knowing that it will be paid off much sooner than I’d anticipated.

``This prize will allow me to pay off nearly half of one of my loans!``
-Larissa O.

What is your experience with student loans?
Since graduating in 2011 and becoming employed with a nonprofit organization shortly thereafter, loan payments have been detrimental to quality of life more often than not.

What was your favorite year of grade school and why?
5th grade was my favorite year of grade school because even though I had moved across town mid-year I still got to attend the same school due to redistricting changes.

What would you be doing if you didn’t have any student loans?
If I didn’t have any student loans I would likely be putting the monthly amount I spend paying them off in my savings account or investing them in future endeavors.